Monday, December 24, 2007

Speaking of Spirits; Let's Get Connected--Grace speaks

Picture me , my nose pointing to the sky, talking, barking excitedly, twirling in circles, smiling past my ears, my eyes sparkling to the stars. I'm howling. Into the deep night, into the universe.

Finally, I'm writing on my two-legged's blog. Yes, it's me in the photographs on the blog.

I'm so excited. I've heard my two-legged talk about how we met thirteen years ago. She says I found her. I did. But she said, "Yes." She didn't have to.

I was trembling, slinking along the sidewalk in front of her house. I had flattened my beautiful black bushy tail up under my belly. I was terrified, on the street, escaped from a bad situation. She pulled up in her car. I stopped and looked at her. When she saw me, she turned off her car and didn't get out. I was freaked out and didn't know where I was. I felt desperate and began following a guy down to the corner. I didn't know what I was doing. I was trying to get safe, I think, but I didn't know how. I was eleven months old.

She got out of her car but when she saw me turn around at the corner and trot back, she got back in her car. Was she afraid of me? She was avoiding me. Something about her caught my interest. I stopped in front of her house and waited.

After a few minutes she got out of her car carrying her groceries and walked past me up the sidewalk and up the steps to her porch. I followed her. Her essence wafted warm and friendly. She set the groceries down and sat on the top step. I stood next to her. I felt good being near her. She looked straight in my eyes and said, "I have been thinking about getting a dog, but I'm not ready yet." She emphasized "have." I lapped her cheek. She said, "Well, okay, you can come in just for a minute."

It was weird inside--all closed in. No sky, no trees or earth to sniff. No cats or canine news. It smelled strange, sort of dead, not like something had died, just weirdly not alive. But so many things smelled like her. It was confusing. Disorienting. Still it was strange and I couldn't see the sky or smell the outside clearly. It was a closed feeling and I wanted to bolt except that she kept talking to me in such a kind way.

She showed me all around the house talking softly to me the whole time. "This is the kitchen, doggie. It's okay, you don't have to be afraid. I don't think you've ever been in a house; have you?"

I heard a song, then a screetch. There were birds in her house! One of them talked like a two-legged! She showed me where they were and I sniffed around the metal cages. She said, "This is Zeus, and this is Rip and Tig." I would come back and look closer at them later.

We went in every room and I sniffed everything. Then she took me out back behind the house. It was all grassy, trees, plants, and great squirrel and cat and bird scents. It was quiet; no cars or street sweepers. The sound of street sweepers terrifies me.

I hadn't planned on telling you all this, but it's pouring out and I think it's good if you know who I am, a little bit at least, because I was just going to leap into the whole spirit world thing and that might have been too much. You'd probably think, "Who is this crazy canine saying all this spirit stuff?"

This way you can get to know me a little and perhaps it'll help you understand some of the things I'm going to tell you. It's hard to contain myself from leaping in though: I'm so excited to be able to talk, finally. My two-legged never knew this but I called her, Sweet Scent, Kind-One, Soft Tone, Smiling-One, Hugger, Funny One, Gentle Hands, Steady Palm, Angel.

Don't get the wrong idea. She wasn't an angel all the time, but neither was I. Perhaps there'll be more on this later.

She called her friend on the phone as I sniffed the kitchen floor. "I found this dog and I don't know what to do. She's really skinny and scared. She looks like she's been on the street for a while. She's really cute."

What her friend said was, "You've been talking about getting a dog, so here she is." Angel discussed this a while, hung up, squatted down and opened her hands to me. I walked over. She stroked my head. Her palm flattened on my head. She left it
"Okay, you can stay for a few days while I look for your people."

I was relieved but I was scared, too. I never wanted to see those people again. They were not my people. I had vowed I would not ever see them again. Never.

That was the beginning of a life long partnership with Angel. Finally. We were connected. It was meant for both of us. But neither of us knew it yet. Oh, there's so much to tell. But I'm I'm going to stop here and consider what I want to say next.