Sunday, September 19, 2010


the oily feather flap
the leather black flap
of raven
silent delicate dips
of yellow-breasted
red-headed finches
the serene circling,
tireless gliding
of hawk

I stretch my arms
like a scarecrow
waiting as I have my whole life
for your landing

my eyes widen as you glide toward me
my arm dips
with your sudden weight

talons curl into my flesh
my arm shakes
the thrill of you on me
but I dare not turn my head

you stretch a wing
ruffle feathers
and side-step up my arm
hop and flutter to the top of my head

lowering your breast
feathers press my hair
soft heat and blood permeate my scalp
a warm rush as
you melt into me

I raise my arms
bend my knees
and push off
oily feather flap
soft by our ears
black leather flap
of our shiny wings
take us up,
into the flock