Thursday, May 1, 2008

Start the Big "R" Relationship...Grace Speaks

Okay, finally I'm back. This is a photo of where Soft-Tone, my two legged, and I walked every day. It was spring when the red-winged blackbirds are singing and flying everywhere. Here, they were flying up from the stacks of haybales the Marina uses to delineate the off leash area for people like me.

The hay bales are great to get the latest news and are distributed end to end around the area. Soft-Tone liked to run on top leaping from one to the next.

Since you know me a little from the previous post, let's jump into the details of getting connected.

Relationships in the Middle World, where you live now, are generally assumed. Unwritten rules, protocol. If you are my friend, a certain kind of behavior is assumed from both of us. If you are my dog, a different but still particular kind of behavior is expected and assumed.

But relationship is an interactive phenomenon we can't assume, or take for granted. If we do, we lose the essence. An opportunity to open. To aquire knowledge. To receive and offer love. Licks. Caring. Relationship is sacred.

How do we get connected? Listen. Listen to the alive beings. Do you have four-legged friends? Two-leggeds? Trees? Plants? Sniff them. Lick them. Circle them. Rub them. Touch them with your nose. Sit with them. Walk with them. Watch them.

Introduce yourself. Ask permission to converse. What are they called? Spirits of all beings have information. You may ask for information. Do you want knowledge? Ancient knowledge. Knowledge of the world, how it works. Help with important issues in you life? I sound like a magic elixir salesperson. Woof!

The spirits of beings living and of those of us who have passed over can give you knowledge, advice, solace.

Let's start slowly. Find a tree you like. In a quiet location. The best will be where there's no human foot traffic. Look at the tree. Notice how beautiful it is. Introduce yourself silently or aloud. (This depends on whether or not you're from California. Woof!)

Tell the tree you'd like to have a conversation and would that be okay? If the tree says, no, you can ask why? Perhaps you can have a conversation some other time. If yes, sit down and ask the tree about its life. What's it doing? How long has it been here? What is its life like? What's its purpose? How does it feel? You can ask anything.

Sitting quietly, talking and listening I predict you will hear surprising things. Let me know if you like.

Yes, I'm teaching you how to connect with spirits. You must be polite, introduce yourself and not assume anything. You don't have to go rushing up, jump into its arms, and start licking it. It will know you're excited about talking with it. And, don't worry, if you converse silently, no passersby will see anything unusual. Slowly, slowly you begin getting connected, beginning a relationship.

Here's a tip. Notice the tree's appearance: its bark (woof), its foliage, its colors, texture, scent. Admire it.

Don't you wonder what and who its seen and heard during its life? What about rarthquakes, sun, rain, hrrricanes, snow, ice fog? How do those feel?

Can you imagine how many living beings we walk by each day? This is making me think of how many rocks and plants I peed on during my life in the Middle World. I had a friend at the dog park, Harry, an airedale. If he saw me pee, he'd trot over and pee on top. Then I'd trot back and pee on top. I loved playing Alpha-Alpha with him. Now I'm in a different state of awareness. The poor plant.

I'm saying that if you can learn not to take any relationship for granted, you will be ecstatic because you will exist in the present moment. Not to assume because when you assume, you're out of the moment. I remember being ecstatic every moment I was in the presence of my Soft-Tone. Unless she was cross and raised her voice. Then I was out the back door. But that didn't last.

It takes practice. I think continuous practice for humans because you're always on to the next thing while you're still doing what you're already engaged in.

Beginning a relationship with the spirit of a living being, not human, you begin a big "R" relationship. Because you begin to take your place in the universe, experience your interconnectedness to all living beings. Your birthright.

I've gotta go. Take a leap. Try it.